Step 1: Christening Reception

  1. You count numerically the guests, even in about, as well as the children that will be attending.
  2. In cooperation with Hatzi Mansion and the Dream Makers you book the church for your favorite date. One choice is Agia Irini Church next to the Estate. You can also choose the church you prefer the most regardless the distance.
  3. Deposit of advances.
  4. If you have young guests, it is perfect to take care of their own fun. It will be the best gift for parents. Hatzi Mansion’s Team and Dream Makers Team are at your disposal.

Step 2: Church for the christening.

εικονικό τραπέζι πόκερ
  1. Collect the supporting legal documents for the christening.
  2. Get informed about the benefits offered by the Church. If they do not put anything on the table that you will undress the baby or if you do not want them to put something on table, it is necessary to have a bed linen with you.

Step 3: Photography and video recording

  1. Select the professionals who will take photos and video of the chistening. The team of Dream Makers is at your disposal.
  2. We could see samples of their work together and we can inform you of the final cost. If you have your own professionals you are most welcome to decide as you wish.
  3. You give an advance payment and book the cooperation and the date.

Step 4: Invitation card

  1. Decide on the invitation theme and reproduce the concept of the chistening on the invitations.
  2. Send them to your guests at least 2 months before the chistening, especialy if your guests need to fly to Greece from other countries.

Step 5: Favors – Little Crosses – Apron for the Godfather and the Godmother

  1. Depending on the selected theme, favors will be created for your adult and young guests. In the same sense, it is appropriate to the little crosses (the traditional of your guests in two motifs: for masters and ladies. Nice touch would be to prepare matching aprons for the Godfather and the Godmother.

Step 6: Church & Mansion Decoration.

  1. It is a very important part of the whole event. The selected theme will be analyzed by the experienced Dream Makers team, in decorative details inside and outside the Church, handmade floral arrangements with the selected colors and decorative details in the courtyard. A very beautiful detail that would enchant your guests would be the presence of a Lemonade Bar with refreshing handmade lemonade of Hatzi Mansion and aromatic iced water.

The Mansion’s entrance and reception location and the interior chandelier room will be decorated with beautiful flower arrangements, handmade decorations, candles and balloons.

Step 7: Dress Code.

Decide what to wear:

  1. Mom.
  2. Dad.
  3. Siblings – who will hold the Christening candle, if there is a wish.
  4. Baby – To go to baptism.
  • It is beautiful for your baby to wear clothes that fit colorfully with the godfather’s or the godmother’s. It is a joyful process in close communication with the godparents. Also, if your baby is a little girl, we could create a beautiful, bloated crown of small flowers and if it is a boy, he could wear a tie or bow tie in the same style and christening theme.

Step 8: Kind treatment – usually to Mom.

  1. Select a professional Make up artist & Hair Stylist.

Visit a Spa for a complete beauty and relaxation treatment.

Step 9: Selection of the present for the Godparents

  • If you have difficulty in choosing what to choose as the perfect present, ask us – we have great ideas. Together we can find the most wonderful gift for your baby’s spiritual parents. Traditionally, as perfomed in most christening ceremonies, you can decorate the gift and expose it to the guests at the church on the table of the christening items.

Step 10: Last details – 15 days – before the christening.

  1. Confirm by phone or in person the presence of guests and individuals from each family.
  2. Supply the list and plan with the final guests to us for proper preparation.
  3. Make a list of the mobile phones of all the above-mentioned professionals and of course give them your own mobile phones. Usually Mom and Dad are unable to respond to mobile calls at the time of the seremony, this is hwy you certainly need support from some of your own people who will be there.
  4. Share responsibilities to your nearby people. Delivering favors, collecting gifts and objects at the end of the mystery and guiding your guest will proof to be very helpful.

Step 11: 1 day before the christening.

  1. Prepare a bag with our baby’s stuff.
  2. Get some rest.

Step 12: After the christening, if you are a Greek citizen.

  1. You need to declare the christening at the Registry within the next 3 months of the mystery.
  2. You scedule with the godfather or the godmother for their presence at the church for the blessing of the baby and it’s First Communion for the following 3 Sundays after the christening.


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